HB-5 Reviews – Advanced Hormone Balance Support Formula

HB-5 Reviews (Updated) – Is Hormonal Harmony HB-5 Supplement by Dr. Eric J. Wood an advanced hormone balance support? Used ingredients any side effects? Read our honest HB-5 Hormonal Balance Reviews before buying!

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HB-5 Reviews

Five hormonal blocks make it astronomically impossible to lose weight. And if you’re like most people who are ignorant of this unknown fact, you have been applying the wrong techniques to lose weight for what seems like ages, not realizing high-quality products such as HB-5 Supplement exists.

You go on different diets, try out different workouts, swallow different drugs, and If you’re lucky to have a few bucks, you undergo liposuction. After all these, you’re still unable to get rid of the excess fat.

Excess fat or weight can cause many medical complications ranging from heart problems, stroke, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and even cancer.

Some researchers have linked depression and low self-esteem to being overweight. This means being overweight not only messes with your physical health but also aggravates mental health problems.

Then there are the other trivial aspects; your clothes become skinny over time. This appears trivial on the surface until you start shopping for many clothes, then you realize the large amounts of money involved.

The weight loss industry is currently worth over 70 billion dollars. This means trusting the big pharmaceutical companies for a cure is like asking Johnny for a miracle.

But the good news is you no longer have to worry. Many people have turned to HB-5 Supplement, and the reason is apparent, IT WORKS!

If you read on, I promise to show you the five hormonal blocks that make it impossible to lose weight and the 30 seconds fix that unclogs those hormones.

Please read on!

HB-5 Reviews – What is HB-5 Supplement?

You need to pay close attention at this point because what you learn in this article today will answer most of the tough questions you’ve been asking about your weight.

I’ll list the 5 hormonal blocks here and explain them later on in this article. Let’s go! The first hormonal block you may want to know has something to do with your thyroid.

And yes, your thyroid is that tiny organ that sits in front of your neck.

The second hormonal block has to do with cortisol. Famously known as the stress hormone. The rest of them are estrogen, insulin, and leptin.

These hormonal blocks are the major reasons why you’ve been named, blamed, and shamed for your inability to lose weight, perform well during your workout sessions, and your high anxiety levels. When in reality they’re caused by something worse, something beyond your reach and control.

But the good news is, HB-5 Supplement is a natural supplement that addresses the 5 hormonal blocks and supports the balance of the 5 important hormones in your body so that you can lose weight faster, easier, and more safely.

Apart from supporting weight loss, this powerful supplement will also drastically reduce your anxiety levels and boost your energy.

As you find yourself shedding pound after pound every week, you’ll also sleep through the night like a baby!

It will also boost your metabolism as you regain the confidence you once had in the past or never had!

These are some of the many benefits you stand to enjoy when you buy this supplement.

HB-5 Ingredients

HB-5 Reviews – The Working Process Of HB-5 Supplement

As I promised earlier, I’ll explain these 5 hormonal blocks and how this supplement helps you unclog them.

Let’s begin with the thyroid. Your thyroid produces two hormones known as T3 and T4, which control your metabolism when they are functioning properly.

Metabolism, generally, converts fat and calories into energy for various biological work in your body.

What happens when these hormones don’t function properly? It means metabolism won’t function properly too. This will lead to fat storage in your body and cause you to have brain fog because your brain is starved of energy.

The second hormone on the list is cortisol. Your cortisol levels skyrocket when you undergo stress. Stress from a demanding job, a dysfunctional marriage or relationship, or societal issues.

When this hormone is released, it directs all energy to your muscles and heart, inadvertently leading to fat storage there.

The third hormone is estrogen. High levels of estrogen counterbalance your progesterone hormone, which will lead to the accumulation of abdominal fat.

You’ve probably heard of the fourth hormone—insulin. Astronomical levels of insulin lead to excess fat or weight. And it is one of the primary reasons why your body is resistant to weight loss.

The last hormone on the list is leptin. When leptin functions properly, you don’t overeat as you feel satisfied after each meal.

But, what happens when you start putting on more weight?

Your fat cells start producing more and more leptin. This will cause you to overeat as you stop feeling full. This is what causes you to have sugar and salt cravings.

HB-5 supplement will get your thyroid to starting producing adequate levels of T3 and T4 so that your metabolism can function properly.

It will lower your cortisol levels so that you never get fat and stressed again. Your estrogen is also broken down into healthier hormone metabolites.

Finally, this supplement lowers your leptin and insulin levels so that your body no longer becomes resistant to losing weight.

HB-5 Reviews – What are the Added Ingredients List of HB-5 Formula?

This supplement contains a proprietary blend of 27 natural ingredients of the highest quality available worldwide.

Below is a list of the key ingredients contained in it and what they help you do.

  • For Thyroid Hormones: Kelp, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese. Kelp is a rich source of iodine. Your thyroid gland specifically needs iodine to produce T3 and T4 hormones. It is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Zinc, and Selenium help transport these hormones (T3 & T4) to your bloodstream. You can think of them as the fuel needed to drive an automobile.

  • For Cortisol: Rhodiola Rosea Extract and Red Ginseng. Rhodiola Rosea Extract supports healthy levels of cortisol in the body and helps burn fat fast. At the same time, Red Ginseng exerts an anti-obesity effect on your body. In other words, these two ingredients deliver death blows to your fat storage.

  • For Estrogen:  Diindolylmethane (DIM). Research shows that DIM controls estrogen levels in the body. High estrogen levels, as you know by now, cause weight gain. It is also said to have some anticancer properties. However, that field of study is very much young.

  • For Insulin:  Cinnamon. Despite cinnamon being a spice in making savory dishes, clinical studies show it reduces insulin resistance in your cells, which is favorable for increasing its sensitivity. When this occurs, your cells can now convert glucose to glycogen rather than store it as fat. More studies show it also lowers blood sugar levels.

  • For Leptin: African Mango. African Mango has been shown to support healthy levels of leptin. It also improves insulin sensitivity. These key ingredients and other ingredients combine, support the balance of these 5 important hormones in your body.

Special Information About HB-5 Hormonal Balance Supplement

Some key factors differentiate HB-5 Supplement from other supplements.

HB-5 Supplement, unlike other supplements, addresses the root cause of your obesity. It targets the 5 hormonal blocks (that make weight loss difficult) most producers of other supplements and drugs are unaware of.

Taking this supplement reduces your stress and anxiety levels drastically.

What more? It also boosts your energy levels, restores your confidence, and improves your overall health.

What Side Effects Does HB-5 Supplement Have?

This supplement has no side effects; this is because all of its ingredients are 100% natural. Plus, they are all sourced from the purest places worldwide.

HB-5 Customer Reviews – How HB-5 Capsules Should Be Used

As it is a dietary supplement, it should be consumed daily.



  • It is 100% natural with no side effects.
  • It burns fat fast. It cuts down your sugar cravings.
  • It reduces your stress and anxiety levels.
  • It restores your confidence.
  • It comes at a discount.
  • It is FDA approved and GMP certified.


  • It is only available online and cannot be purchased in your local stores.

Where Was HB-5 Supplement Created?

It was made right in the United States of America in a GMP-certified and FDA-compliant facility. Rest assured, you’re dealing with one of the best products out there.

HB-5 Customer Reviews

HB-5 Reviews [Truely Based on Customer Reviews] – Conclusion

You have to remember that the five hormonal blocks make weight loss impossible. It has something to do with your thyroid, cortisol, estrogen, insulin, and leptin levels. If you do not seek ways to balance these 5 crucial hormones, you’ll continue to suffer weight gain and anxiety issues.

Unlike other supplements and drugs that have failed you in the past, HB-5 Supplement has helped thousands of people achieve weight loss in a very short time.

And because the producers have so much confidence in this supplement, it comes with 180 days, 100% money-back guarantee! You have nothing to lose when you purchase this supplement.

The year is still far from being over. If you want to lose weight in a faster, easier, and safer way, I highly and wholeheartedly recommend HB-5 Supplement.

Just give it a try by clicking the link below now!

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